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A nostalgic trip down memory lane for members of GTFU in particular and past students of GT in general.

The golden era of film making in GT lasted from the mid fifties until the mid sixties under the dedicated expert guidance of Fr. Gerard McConville.

Many of his protégées embarked on sucessful careers in the film, TV and communications industries. Others, like myself, have used the skills we learned from Fr. McConville in the amateur arena. Both professionals and amateurs continue to enjoy the creative buzz first experienced in GT under his guidance.


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Do you remember the last F & M outbreak?

Extract from 'The Tower' Christmas 1968

Dec. 2, 1967 --- Final decision taken to postpone this year's opera, "The Mikado", due to Government's appeal to cut down on big gatherings of people to prevent the spread of thefoot & mouth disase epidemic from England. There was no magazine for Christmas '87.

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Website commenced January 2001 please contact peadar@gtfu.net .

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